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Honeycomb Core Options??

Posted by swexan 
Honeycomb Core Options??
October 06, 2021 07:31PM
Plascore is 40 weeks out on delivery according to the factory. Have anyone used other brands, such as Nidaplast H8PP or such? I'm trying to find readily available options.
Re: Honeycomb Core Options??
October 06, 2021 07:38PM
Oh h. I had no idea. I'm glad I'm retired now. Among such things I have only used Plascore. Jeremy--who sometimes participated here,
--has said less than good things about Nidacore.
Re: Honeycomb Core Options??
October 07, 2021 11:37AM
40 weeks out is a show stopper. I'm old and running out of time for new projects. If I was younger I'd likely start building with aluminum.

You can get aluminum sheeting. It's just a weird shiny version of plywood. You mig it or tig it together at the edges instead of gluing it. I used to have a buzz box stick welder. And torches. I sold it all off because welding and sawdust freaked me out.

Now I have a separate space with slab floor I could use for welding. I need 8 days a week.
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