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Using birch plywood for interior floors

Posted by grassrootsinab 
Using birch plywood for interior floors
November 05, 2021 04:52PM
Hi everyone,

New to the forum and just ordered epoxy and fibreglass kit for my first build. I have plans for a stitch and glue build. Exterior is going to be marine okume and marine fir bottom. Planning on epoxy and truck bed coating for interior including fore and aft deck floors built above the fir bottom. Was wondering everyone's thoughts on using birch for these decks since it is going to be epoxy coated and sealed with truck bed. Birch would be cheaper and although it wouldn't be 1088 rated, it would be heavily sealed with epoxy and truck bed coating. Can a guy save a few $ with birch? Hate to cover expensive mahogony but don't want water issues down the line. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Re: Using birch plywood for interior floors
November 06, 2021 11:29AM
Interesting idea. I've been waiting for this to come up. Don Tyson built a Buffalo Boat with AC construction plywood. 5 years or so ago. He reputedly uses it a lot.

Above the water line in a dory is a lot different than below. Chines get dinged and nicked below the water line and moisture does creep in. That's why I like Plascore (now not so easily purchased but there is now Nidaplast and other such). Above the water line is a different story. There are fewer dings and a lot less water.

I like to make interior floors and standing platforms "press and click to fit" so they can be popped out of the way at hull maintenance time. AA, AB and especially BB marine fir is less expensive than Baltic Birch. And lighter too. Why not use more of that?

At my local lumber yard if I want to "special order" marine fir the shipping costs as much as the plywood. But my local guy will ask Boise Cascade (my closest marine fir manufacturer) to throw a few sheets on top of their next 18 wheeler load for free. So sometimes I have to wait a month or two to get it.. But I can get marine fir that way, for relatively cheap. It's not as good as it used to be but it's still pretty good stuff.
Re: Using birch plywood for interior floors
November 07, 2021 07:10AM
Thanks Sandy- I had wanted to use Plascore (or some other variation) but can’t locate any supply (I’m in Calgary, AB). Was pricing out okume and marine for and have used quite a bit of birch for some other projects and it is actually cheaper up here than the marine fIr. But I’d it’s lighter, the cost difference isn’t enough to make a huge difference (although the mahogany is crazy pricey up here now…gone up $50 a sheet since June or about 25-30%).

Appreciate the feedback! Okay
Re: Using birch plywood for interior floors
November 07, 2021 01:27PM
RE> birch cheaper
inneresting. prices are somewhat arbitrary.

I'm in Texas for the Winter 2000 miles from my shop. I'm old and retired. Boat maintenance might be all I do from here on out. If I ever do build another boat I might try Nidaplast glued together over a male plug, over visqueen with one layer of glass inside and out, then sprayed with truck bed liner inside and out. Fast hulls seems like a good thing.

I'd also (theoretically) like to get some new welding stuff and make an aluminum hull. Noisy but indestructible has its alure.

Speaking of alure I'm in Texas now, hear the salt water. I need to get a big spin rod and some lures. I met a math professor two nights ago at my daughter's Texas house (she's and English prof) who caught a 57" inch bull redfish a week ago, while standing on a rock jetty (he doesn't own a boat). He showed me the photo. He caught it on a 4" inch long metal spoon.

I might be tempted to make a Nidaplast and truckbed liner skiff someday too. A used 100hp outboard isn't all that expensive. The trick is to find one that isn't used up.
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