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First Post

Posted by Trout : Thirty 
First Post
February 17, 2022 09:22PM
Hey Guys! I am incredibly fired up to find this forum. I am just now finishing my first drift boat from Spira Int. plans and I already have my sights set on my next summer project! I look forward to chatting with and learning from all of you here!

Take Care!
Re: First Post
February 18, 2022 08:28PM
Drift boats are like Potato chips: "Betcha can't build just one."

I'm 73 and retired. I'm in Texas for the winter, 2000 miles from my shop.
I'm getting antsy. I want to get back to an unfinished project now.

Glad to have you aboard.
Re: First Post
February 18, 2022 09:48PM
haha! I just bought the plans for the Freestone Skiff! I can't wait! Right off the bat I have a quick materials question. I am looking at the materials and it is quite detailed and extensive (which is great). But, is there a bulk list of everything I might need as far as linear feet of this....4 sheets of that...this many gallons of this....that many feet/roll of that?
Re: First Post
February 23, 2022 01:28PM
This cost estimate is out of date with inflation. You could check the cost of any individual item and make a ratio.

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