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Posted by lhedrick 
June 15, 2022 03:09PM
Hi Sandy, have not done any boat work in a while. Was wondering how well TREX bonds with epoxy. Have you tried any glue on TREX? My boat is really hammered, hot and cold with moisture expanding wood really blows things apart over time. I have found noting that will stick to ash gunwales and oil is a never ending task. I think TREX with a dado cut in to inlay a long alumina strip might be a no maintenance possibility. Kind of like what Pearl did with his all aluminum gunwales.

Just back from a 1 week run down Deso with Dave and Bug. Might be my last week long trip. Rowing all day with arthritis in my wrist isn't working any more. Soon, there won't be any water left to float on any way. The big lakes down South only have 2 or 3 years left any way. The bottom of the ferry ramp at Bullfrog is now 1 mile from the lake. B of R has already started draining Flaming Gorge trying to keep the generators at Glen Canyon Dam turning. Kind of too little too late. Powell is down 160 feet. Total dead pool is another 166 feed down and its dropping fast. Last year it dropped 40 feet and with the surface area shrinking the rate of drop increases. Without the water from Flaming Gorge turbine shutdown would have been late summer. There river outlet tub is at 273 feet deep so 8 percent of the lake can not be use with out some pumping project. At 273 feed the only flow will be what flows in and then out the pipe, just like the river 200 years ago.
Re: Trex
June 15, 2022 10:05PM
Hey hey Larry:

I can't row all day anymore because of long Covid, now 2-1/2 years later. I can work (or row) for about two hours and then I'm toast. Need a one hour rest for each two hours rowing. So I ain't no more solo boat for 5 days either.

We could go together and share the rowing. I hope to have a new (decked) boat by the end of the summer.

Trex is fabulous. I been using it for several years now. Epoxy sticks to it better than to wood. And it does not swell. It's pretty easy to bend too.
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