How to make and install bow stem cap
November 01, 2022 04:09AM
Hi everyone,

I’m about 300 hours into my build of a Cajune-style Kingfisher Recurve and have learned a lot. Flipped the boat last week to prep for paint and bottom treatment but am stumped on the process to install a wooden “cap” on the bow stem. I’m thinking it is a 2 piece install but the curve of the stem and the mitre is tough when the hull flares to the bottom. Would sure appreciate some tips and wisdom from the collective gurus here. Pics of the process are a bonus… thanks in advance!!
Re: How to make and install bow stem cap
November 06, 2022 08:09PM
Use a scribe and a sheetrock knife to carve a piece of cardboard so it fits the curve. Then carve another piece of cardboard that fits into the curve of the first. Now you can use that to carve and scribe into a chunk of wood too big in all dimensions. Once you have the inside curve right power plane what remains into curvy triangle that fits onto the front of the boat. You might make that stem blank by laminating several bits of one by.

Cardboard is a pattern makers good friend.

Re: How to make and install bow stem cap
November 11, 2022 05:11AM
Thanks so much Sandy- I really appreciate your advice and tips!
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