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Oar Locks

Posted by Sandy 
Oar Locks
March 12, 2001 10:05PM
I'm looking for a supplier of
onze oarlocks. I used to get them from Hyde Drift Boats in Idaho, but the ones they carry now have "Hyde" molded into them and they're a lot rougher and uglier than the ones Hyde used to carry. Anybody know of a good foundry that sells oarlocks at a decent price?
Re: Oar Locks
March 12, 2001 10:46PM
In reply to "Oar Locks", posted by Fred Roth on Mar 12, 2001:
>I'm looking for a supplier of
onze oarlocks.

northwest river supply

...all sell oarlocks. Google should provide their
Re: Re: Oar Locks
March 13, 2001 06:01AM
I don't want to buy them from Clackacraft. I want to find out who Clackacraft buys them from and get them straight from the foundry. Anybody know a
onze foundry that makes good oarlocks?

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