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temperature for working with materials

Posted by Sandy 
temperature for working with materials
December 31, 2000 09:09PM
Does the temperature at which you work with the materials i.e fi
eglass matter? I will be starting my boat in March, in my garage where it will no doubt be in the 30's to 40's most of the time. Thanks!

Brian Hickey
Erie, PA
The rate at which resin cures depends on the temperature. The warmer, the faster it cures, the cooler, the slower. If you are going to be working with resin at those temperatures, you will want to get a portable heater in your garage. There are also fast curing and slow curing hardners. I would suggest the fast if it is going to be cool. If you check out any of the Resin Producer's online pages they will usually have an online manual that will explain alot. In the past I have used West System, and have been very happy with the product. For this boat I am going to try Raka epoxy from www.raka.com It is quite a bit cheaper than the others and from all reports I have read, just as good.

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