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Pumpkin Caddis

Posted by Sandy 
Pumpkin Caddis
October 15, 2014 01:46PM

#14 DaiRiki 125, orange parapost, tan Zelon, chocolate duck flank.
It can be damn hard to see flies in late October when it's cloudy and windy at the same time. The hot orange tag here helps a lot. The hot orange is mostly visible from above and not so much from below. The combination of duck flank and lots of Zelon makes a long floating fly without being so bushy they're hard to cast. The duck flank wing has a lengthwise tuft of Zelon underneath. The body has another horizontally-splayed "Right Legs" tuft of Zelon below the thorax. These really are good floating flies.

24" of tippet trailing off the October Caddis hook is a good place to tie on a much smaller BWO wet fly. Or a BWO dry. You can't see them anyway. At the end of the day you catch more fish on the tiny BWOs. But always the biggest fish on the October Caddis.
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