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Synthetic sculpins

Posted by Sandy 
Synthetic sculpins
February 01, 2015 07:46PM
If you Google "brown dyed grizzly" a page of links shows up. But every link I could find resolved to a shopping cart page trying to sell various dry fly grade hackle capes. I'm sure it's possible to find nice soft grizzly saddles suitable for streamer tying. But it isn't easy when you want an orangey/brown color to match the local sculpins around here.

We have 5 fly shops now in the Bozeman area. I went to all of them and didn't find what I wanted. West Jellowstone is 2 hours away and I hate to order natural feathers over the net because you can never be sure just what you're going to get.

Dye your own? That's what I just did. But it's a struggle. I can see why the trend toward synthetic materials. I want to be a fly tier and not a rare feather collector. And with synthetics you always know just what you're going to get. And you can always get them too. When it comes to natural feathers I want to hold them in my hand and look at them before I ante up my credit card.

I still like the feather sculpin best. Making them is easy too. Once you have the right feathers. And therein lies the rub. Every year my local shops stock fewer and fewer natural materials. And more and more synthetics.

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