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A lure

Posted by Sandy 
A lure
March 16, 2015 03:07PM
Soft bodied crankbait

I don't fish with lures much. Maybe that will change someday. I do like making them.

This is a soft-bodied crankbait built around a 3/8 ouch lead weight. Pretty quick to make. Snip out a closed cell foam body. Snip a diving bill blank out (way too big) from a tomato container. Rough it up with sand paper. Super glue it to the foam. Slit the underside of the foam. Put a hole in the diving bill. Slip some plastic tubing into a 3/8" ounce oval worm weight. Bury the lead and the tubing inside the slit in the foam, so the tube protrudes out through the bill. Slobber super glue in the slit and hold it together until it hardens. Hardening accelerator helps.

Mark the foam with "permanent color" magic markers from the drafting supplies store. Coat the lure with water based fabric cement. Let it dry. Snell a hook. Trim the diving bill to shape (it was way too big). It's ready to rock'n roll.

Takes only about 15 minutes to make one which--time wise--blows hand carved wooden plugs right out of the water.

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