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Yellow Sally

Posted by Sandy 
Yellow Sally
April 07, 2015 02:47AM
#16 DaiRiki 270, foam, duck flank, Zelon and Crystal Flash

Re: Yellow Sally
April 07, 2015 01:29PM
This one has a slightly better (orange) color match to the natural above. This is, for what it's worth, an example of Right Hackle, where the fuzz and darker legs are basted on underneath loosely with two crisscross horizontal wraps, from the eye back to the base of the extended abdomen and back again. And then glued as a final step. I tend to use ZapAGap but any glue will do. There is no requirement there. Right Hackles are versatile. Dry flies and wets from the smallest to the largest. The best part about the dry fly versions (for me anyway) is freedom from $100 per neck rooster feathers.

Zelon, rabbit's foot (between the toes) and a wide variety of natural furry guard hairs work well for Right Hackles. All of it far cheaper and easier to obtain than top quality rooster hackles. For wet flies the selection range is even wider. Beaver without the guard hairs, for instance, makes a dynamite wet fly leg set, emanating from the bottom of the thorax, as it should be.

Right Hackles are, in fact, the Right way to tie. Ok ok. I'm coming on a bit strong. :=)) But I am sold on this idea. For just about anything with legs of some sort. Rooster hackles be gone. Get thee to a packing house.

#16 DaiRiki 280 hopper hook. EVA closed cell foam. Duck flank. Zelon and Crystal Flash.
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