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Show us your work

Posted by Sandy 
Show us your work
April 08, 2015 03:35AM
This forum is all about me only because I'm the only one who posts here. But this is a public forum. The web server logs show a surprising amount of read-only traffic. About half of it is search engines. The other half are web surfers who read but don't participate. Break the ice. Show us your work!

Nothing is off-limits. Outside the box or Puritanically Correct. Ground breaking inventions or standard work. Trout flies or Musky lures. Cat fishing rigs. If it's about fishing and it's a good idea it belongs here. If you made it or figured it out we want to see it or hear about it.

Spammers, on the other hand, will be executed. Slowly. With periodic timeouts for smelling salts and temporary resuscitation.

Re: Show us your work
April 08, 2015 05:40AM
Let me get this dang house finished and I'll send ya more. Carpet going in now. Fly tying room is done, at least the important room is finished. Do have a yellow sally to show ya.
Re: Show us your work
April 08, 2015 01:47PM
Not sure when I'll get up that way next Mark. I want to see your place. How far are you from the Lake?
Re: Show us your work
September 05, 2015 11:33PM
Don't know about smelling salts and resuscitation but I am heading to Montana/Idaho soon. Sort of a trip to the Holy Land of Fishing.
Been tying down to my eyesight limits (20) and accept I'll buy the rest and more. They'll go into the MT trip box, hopefully for a return visit.
If acceptable, I'd love to meet up - between the 12th and 24th of Sept. - if we can find a mutually workable place and time.
I do appreciate your status as the 'iconoclast' of flyfishing and would enjoy sharing ideas and experiences.

PM please!
Re: Show us your work
September 20, 2016 03:21AM
I missed,this post.......I'll message you.
Re: Show us your work
September 20, 2016 06:55PM
Hi Sandy,
Thanks for getting back to me.
We had a great fishing trip last fall. The largest aggravation was the lack of accommodation because of the Chinese tourists.
Now I'm determined to return with an even greater challenge of deciding where to fish. I need more time - 2 weeks wasn't enough and won't be for a future trip. I want a week just for the ranch and the nature conservancy.
We virtually drove by your place heading into YNP. It was the only day we didn't fish. The park fishing fee didn't seem worth it for the time we had in our schedule. After this years problems, it's hard to know what will be possible.

Keep up the great creative tying and photography. I appreciate and enjoy your efforts.
When I get a return schedule underway, I'll be in touch. I'd enjoy meeting you for sure!

Re: Show us your work
March 30, 2017 07:52PM
I am enjoying tying spey flies. Working on my skills is both rewarding and frustrating, there are many details, some of which can't be seen in the finished fly but is needed to make the whole thing work. Sort of like building a drift boat.

Rick N

Re: Show us your work
January 25, 2018 02:33AM
I'm learning the casting. Shoulda done this years ago
Re: Show us your work
August 06, 2018 04:58PM
Sandy, I have many new flies that I would like to share here but your system requires that they are connected to a URL.

Is there a method you suggest I use to share my personal photos on your site?

Rick N
Re: Show us your work
August 13, 2018 10:53AM
Rick you can send me flies in a box. I'll photograph them and then send them back. The forum used to allow uploading too. Is that broken? I'll look into it.

Re: Show us your work
August 14, 2018 12:55AM
My camera system isn't as spiffy as yours but I can get pretty good depth of field. I will send some older pictures to your e-mail account.

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