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Hairs Ear Nymph

Posted by Sandy 
Hairs Ear Nymph
December 17, 2015 09:55PM
Hairs Ear because you can use any hair to make it

#12 wet fly hook
pheasant tails
dubbed hare's ear body with gold Flashabou ribbing
Pearl Lateral Scale wing case
Right Hackle lashed on the the thorax bottom with one figure eight wrap, using Hare's ear fibers. And then glued in place. I used ZapAGap for this one but it could have been UV glue or fabric cement.

I find these Right Hackles easier to deal with than feather winding. Versatile too. You can lash on almost anything. And then glue it to it.

...and from the bottom. The figure eight wrap holds the hair there just long enough for the glue to harden.

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