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Riffle Dart

Posted by Sandy 
Riffle Dart
December 13, 2016 07:38PM
You do need a small barrel swivel 6" to 12" inches up the leader.

If it isn't a fly it also isn't a lure either. I unpacked a spin rod today and tried to cast this one in my driveway. It isn't heavy enough to go more than 20 feet beyond the spin rod tip.

I've been working on wigglers for 30 years. Lightweight divers with traditional U-shaped crank bait diving bills bite the water too aggressively for river fishing, with or without a flyrod. A narrower diamond-shaped wiggle bill is easier to cast (less wind resistant) and it works better in moving waters.

One favorite wade with these guys is from the mouth of Beartrap Canyon on the Madison down to the boat ramp at the Warm Springs fishing access. It's shallow enough to wade the whole way, right down the middle of the river. Shallow enough if you're going with the flow. Most of it is waist deep as you go so you'd never make it from here to there against the current. You have to go with it.

Wading downstream while casting sideways and down, with a Riffle Dart, allows me to work every holding bucket in the river in two to three feet of water. There are more fish out at the edges. But the big gravel buckets between the weeds, right out in the middle of the river is where the bigger fish are.

With a Riffle Dart I can fish downstream into deep water. Without a Dart the only way to fish deep is to cast upstream into water you just waded through, and then you have to wait while it sinks which puts the fly at fishing depth right next to you and a few feet out at best, in water where they're already spooked. Fishing 30 to 40 feet downstream into 3 feet of water is...powerful stuff.

To do it that way you need a Riffle Dart.

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