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Golden Stone -- natural and imitation

Posted by Sandy 
Golden Stone -- natural and imitation
December 18, 2016 03:58AM
This is a dried bug from two years ago. I'm working on the imitation. The bodies range 7/8" to 1-1/4" inch long. The females are bigger the males are smaller. Local folklore has it the fish start to prefer the smaller Golden Stoneflies toward the tail end of the hatch--even when a few of the larger Salmon Flies are still around.

I'm still not sure if I believe it myself. I have caught fish on big salmon fly imitations weeks after the hatch was done. The Golden Stonefly imitations, on the other hand, do seem to work all summer long. Long after they're both gone.

Re: Golden Stone -- natural and imitation
December 18, 2016 03:27PM
I'm not happy with this imitation yet. It's OK but it need work. The wing needs to be toned down a bit.

Orange closed cell foam skewered on a needle with Wapsi Micro Dub spun onto the foam dimpled with brown flat waxed nylon and soaked in Aleene's Flexible Stretchable fabric cement. MIdge Flash wing. Carpet scraps Right Hackle underneath

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