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The fresh material may be used on common direct thermal printers

Posted by paulapphillips 
The fresh material may be used on common direct thermal printers
August 10, 2022 06:40AM
German self-adhesive materials consultant VPF features added 1470579 azure clean 70 g/m2, an innovative chemical-free Thermal Labels, to the portfolio. The item is suitable as an adhesive materials for one on one food make contact with.

Consumers have probably always been familiar with blue thermal paper through retailers. In many supermarkets, the new eco-receipts usually are increasingly replacing the previous white versions to utilize more eco friendly paper.

The brand new material may be used on typical direct energy printers and, in assessment to previous paper supplier, is freed from chemical coders. It is known for a four-layer structure and contains plain pieces of paper, a charcoal pigment coating, an opaque well-designed layer that creates this blue coloring with the paper, along with a protective coating against mechanical damage. The actual printed impression is established physically: the actual opaque core becomes transparent when open to temperature and can make the main black stratum visible.

The Thermal Paper blue sparkling is accepted for lead food make contact with and provides excellent printability, weight, legibility as well as durability. The impress image is long-lasting for no less than 35 many years without remover. The brand new product can be bought with a handful of permanent along with removable adhesives.
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